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  Beijing in Hebei Province to fight the Dragon Boat Festival free water, often in pre-pre-absorbed, is said to be well in order to avoid toxicity. Street hawkers selling on the Dragon Boat Festival Mulberry Cherry, Dragon Boat Festival is said to eat a cherry mulberry can be eaten throughout the year does not fly. Shop the sale of the oven fresh " cake", that is, worm pattern in five of the cake for decoration. Luanxian employed men and women have many relatives Chatham each other gifts on Dragon Boat Festival. Dragon Boat Festival, local officials will gather for a retreat to the South, the city invited literati feast, known as the "Tap Liu."

  Zouping County, Shandong Province, the Dragon Boat Festival, drinking a cup per person is required to get up early, legends can be believed. Sunshine children wrapped around the Dragon Boat Festival to seven-color line has always been to wear the first time to post solutions to rain down before throwing in the rain. Linqing County Dragon Boat Festival, the following seven-year-old boy with at ( doing Michael necklace), girls with but also the mother to wear yellow cloth shoes made by hand, using wool uppers five strokes on the worm. Qu Yuan by means of the ink to kill five worm. Jimo in the Dragon Boat Festival the morning wash your face with dew.

  State solution  Dragon Boat Festival, Shanxi Province, Artemsia argyi wear for men and women, known as the "disease to" a hundred children were grade II in the neck, It is said that this is "tied Quyuan dragon." Xi State Dragon Boat Festival, the village festival Longwang and paper hanging in the fields. Dragon Boat Festival, also known as "while the rich." Dingxiang County Dragon Boat Festival, the students need for teachers gifts Boxing. Lu'an House steamed wheat flour to groups, known as the "white group", used in conjunction with each other gifts dumplings.

  Shaanxi Dragon Boat Festival Xing'an state, local officials led by watch races, known as "the stepping-stone." Xingping County Dragon Boat Festival in sewing silk damask millet small angle, then sewing on the following figures, a small, known as "playing dolls." Dragon Boat Festival with county officials to Po Ai, paper paste cattle gate, known as "the town of disease."

  Jingning Gansu State Dragon Boat Festival to pick a rose for yee pickled honey. Dragon Boat Festival County town of Shannon fan newlyweds gifts, Luo Qi, towel Pago, entertained the children and invited teachers, known as the "festival to enjoy." Zhangxian Dragon Boat Festival, cowboy mountain worship. Hill plot pay, before the cock burning, commonly known as "burning mountain."

  Jiading County, Jiangsu Province, the Dragon Boat Festival, rich or poor, must buy Shishou fish (commonly known as the sturgeon fish) cooking. Yizheng County there are "When the pants, to buy fish," the proverb. Nanjing Dragon Boat Festival, a box of various water are required to add a little Realgar, geese two eyes money, family size were washed with the eyes, known as the "eyes of fire break," said to be a year without eye protection. Wujin play there the night of the dragon boat, surrounded by hanging at the Dragon Boat races on a small lamp, and the songs with drums and flute.

  The Dragon Boat Festival Gaoyou more special, there are 100 Department of  paste, paste the address, sub-put-cured tobacco, eating "Red 12" and custom, child-hing, a "sub-duck network" is selected in a good-looking duck Color lines formed in the sub-network, hanging on his chest.

  Sichuan pillars of "a traditional guy," the custom. From four to two bamboo poles Shop has lifted a large square table红毯. Bamboo blanket used for a Taoist priest riding a tiger.  street processions. Old, western Sichuan are the Dragon Boat Festival "sub-typing" customs. Japanese, Chengdu people are buying plums, downstairs in the city of the southeast corner of the city, up and down on the throwing objects, together tens of thousands of visitors. Guangxu 2021 (1895) because of objects being thrown from Lee and foreign missionaries conflict occurred, and therefore to stop this vulgar. Leshan, Xinjin such as dragon-boat race at the Dragon Boat Festival, also held a grand trade fair.

  Tong Lu, Zhejiang Sook of county and township school, the Dragon Boat Festival a ceremony at the division, known as "silk clothing." Doctors at noon herbs, traditionally the stars overhead medicine days.

  Jiangxi Jianchang House prudence afternoon Baicao water bath to prevent scabies, XINCHANG to realgar, cinnabar drink of the wine, called "eyes."

  Huanggang City of Hubei Province greet Dragon Boat Festival held in the Palestinian town, and a crown tattoo,鸣金by Phytophthora. Yichang County Dragon Boat Festival races, but in May 13, 14, Sheng十五三日special. May 15, also known as "Big Dragon Boat Festival", eat rice dumplings, Po drink wine, for example, with the Dragon Boat Festival.

  Youxian Hunan Dragon Boat Festival, pregnant women who used to spend Andrew currency, the poor preparation of the chicken liquor to Penny folder Broussonetia money, for the dragon in the dragon boat to pray before the first production-an. Yue state races that Ruang disaster to disease. Also for pan of water, referred to as the "send pestilence."

  Fuzhou, Fujian Province, the Dragon Boat Festival old customs, daughter-in-law was on a shroud, footwear, mission brown, fan-laws into the offer. County to build on the 5th Cyphotheca for drying Manual, the others are here for the sauce on. Shanghang County Dragon Boat Festival with boat tie-shaped reed plays Zuolong waterfront, known as the Boat Race. Xianyou County Dragon Boat Festival races, the wreath of paper in the Tam Tigers to read Jiajing suspended decane female soldiers this year Qi. Shaowu House before the Dragon Boat Festival, women in purple-red yarn for the Fu-sheng capsule. Goshiki again for FANG Sheng-rong, the color line in, line in the hairpin. The girl was hanging on the back, known as the "sinus mother."

  Guangdong Province, the Dragon Boat Festival Conghua County noon to burning eyes and wash hands after the spill on the Road, known as the "send a disaster."  Dragon Boat Festival, people close to the temple from its advocacy of statues greet tour guide. Wizards and water law, who posted at the expulsion of evil magic. Dragon Boat Festival, children's kite-flying, known as the "release calamity."

  (Hainan Province) during the Dragon Boat Festival, Hainan general throughout the Central Plains will be held, such as dragon boat races and other activities. In today's best preserved ancient city wall governance Dingan County, five hundred years the history of the ancient city of Ming Dynasty within the openings, there are still two stone mounted stacked two bright, slender, high-spirited dragon boat. Island ancestors, the Dragon Boat Festival season, picking up of the boat, toward the river, in ... ... history of the ancient color from a Dragon Boat Festival, the running time staggered to Today. Known as "coconut Township," said Wen, is the ancestral home of Soong Ching Ling, the sea along the riverside. Since ancient times, the local coastal residents along the river during the Dragon Boat Festival, will host the activities of the dragon-boat race, to pray for safety. Hainan and the mainland in addition to the same dragon boat racing, eating dumplings, hanging calamus and Wormwood, as well as an island people are all familiar with the content, that is, washing water and washing-long herbal bath.

  ﹝河北省﹞ 北平忌端午节打井水,往往于节前预汲,据说是为了避井毒.市井小贩也于端午节兜售樱桃桑椹,据说端午节吃了樱桃桑椹,可全年不误食苍蝇.各炉食铺出售"五毒饼",即以五种毒虫花纹为饰的饼.滦县已许聘的男女亲家咸于端午节互相馈赠礼品.赵县端午,地方官府会至城南举行聚会,邀请城中士大夫宴饮赋诗,称为"踏柳".

  ﹝山东省﹞ 邹平县端午,每人早起均需饮酒一杯,传说可以避邪.日照端午给儿童缠七色线,一直要戴到节后第一次下雨才解下来扔在雨水里.临清县端午,七岁以下的男孩带符(麦稓做的项链),女孩带石榴花,还要穿上母亲亲手做的黄布鞋,鞋面上用毛笔画上五种毒虫.意思是借着屈原的墨迹来杀死五种毒虫.即墨在端午节早晨用露水洗脸.

  ﹝山西省﹞ 解州端午,男女戴艾叶,称为"去疾",幼童则系百索于脖子上,据说这是"为屈原缚蛟龙".隰州端午,各村祭龙王,并在田间挂纸.怀仁县端午又名"朱门".定襄县端午,学生需致赠节礼给教师.潞安府以麦面蒸团,称为"白团",与粽子一起拿来互相馈赠.

  ﹝陕西省﹞ 兴安州端午,地方官率领僚属观赏竞渡,称之"踏石".兴平县端午以绫帛缝小角黍,下面再缝上一个小人偶,称为"耍娃娃".同官县端午以蒲艾、纸牛贴门,称为"镇病".

  ﹝甘肃省﹞ 静宁州端午摘玫瑰以蜜腌渍为饴.镇原县端午赠新婚夫妇香扇、罗绮、巾帕、艾虎.子弟并邀集父兄宴请师长,称为"享节".漳县端午,牧童祀山神.积薪丘,在鸡鸣前焚烧,俗称"烧高山".

  ﹝江苏省﹞ 嘉定县端午,不论贫富,必买石首鱼(俗称鳇鱼)煮食.仪征县也有"当裤子、买黄鱼"的俗谚.南京端午,各家皆以清水一盒,加入少许雄黄,鹅眼钱两枚,合家大小均用此水洗眼,称为"破火眼",据说可保一年没有眼疾.武进有夜龙舟之戏,晚上在龙舟四面悬上小灯竞渡,且有箫鼓歌声相和.


  ﹝四川省﹞ 石柱有"出端午佬"的习俗.由四人以两根竹竿抬起一张铺有红毯的大方桌.毯上用竹篾编一个骑虎的道士.敲锣打鼓,街游行.旧时,川西还有端午"打字子"的习俗.是日,成都人皆买李子,于城东南角城楼下,上下对掷,聚观者数万.光绪二一年(一八九五年)因掷李与外国传教士发生衡突,此俗因而停止.乐山、新津等地端午赛龙舟时,还举行盛大商品交易会.

  ﹝浙江省﹞ 桐卢县乡塾之学童,端午节具礼于师长,称之"衣丝".医家则于午时采药,相传此日天医星临空.

  ﹝江西省﹞ 建昌府午节用百草水洗浴,以防止疥疮,新昌县以雄黄、丹砂酒中饮之,称之"开眼".

  ﹝湖北省﹞ 黄冈市端午节巴河镇迎傩人,花冠文身,鸣金逐疫.宜昌县端午竞渡,但以五月十三、十四、十五三日特盛.五月十五又称"大端阳",食粽、饮蒲酒,例同端午.

  ﹝湖南省﹞ 攸县端午,孕妇家富者用花币酒食,贫者备鸡酒,以竹夹楮钱,供于龙舟之龙首前祈求安产.岳州府竞渡以为禳灾、去疾.又作草船泛水,称为"送瘟".

  ﹝福建省﹞ 福州端午旧俗,媳妇于是日以寿衣、鞋袜、团粽、扇子进献公婆.建阳县以五日为药王晒药囊日,人家皆于此日作酱.上杭县端午用小艇缚芦苇作龙形戏于水滨,称为竞渡.仙游县端午竞渡后,献纸于虎啸潭,以吊念嘉靖癸年戚继光于此溺兵.邵武府端午节前,妇女以绛纱为囊盛符.又以五色绒作方胜,联以彩线,系于钗上.幼女则悬之于背,称为"窦娘".

  ﹝广东省﹞ 从化县端午节正午以烧符水洗手眼后,泼洒于道,称为"送灾难".新兴县端午,人家各从其邻近庙宇鼓吹迎导神像出巡.巫师并以法水、贴符驱逐邪凡魅.石城县端午,儿童放风筝,称为"放殃".

  (海南省) 每逢端午,海南各处都会如中原一般举办龙舟竞渡等活动.在如今保存最为完好的古县治城垣定安,五百年历史的明成化古城门洞内,仍有两个石阶叠架着两条鲜艳、修长、昂扬的龙舟.海岛先人,端午时节,扛起龙舟,奔向大河,挥汗于南渡江中竞渡……历史就从一个个古色端午,时光交错着流淌到了今朝.素有"椰乡"之称的文昌,是宋庆龄的祖居地,临海傍河.自古以来,当地沿海沿河居民每逢端午,都会举办赛龙舟的活动,祈福求安.海南除了与内地相同的赛龙舟、吃粽子、挂菖蒲和艾草,还有一个海岛百姓都熟知的内容,就是洗龙水和洗草药澡.